The True Cost of Downtime

How often do you see your employees sitting around, unable to work due to a problem with your business technology? They can’t access their files because the server is down, or their email isn’t working because they’re waiting for a password reset. This is known as “downtime”; a few minutes of a pause can add up to thousands of dollars of lost revenue over time.

Small businesses with frequent IT issues commonly experience downtime. A variety of problems can cause this halt in production and affect your bottom line. Computer and network issues, viruses, power outages, and other IT disasters can cost you thousands in a matter of minutes. Many IT providers still use the old-fashioned break/fix method, which allows for downtime. So, how do you avoid it altogether?

Losing time and money to downtime.

It’s essential to have your technology up and running at all times. Knowing the health of your systems, networks, and devices gives you peace of mind because it eliminates any uncertainty of downtime. Many small to medium-sized businesses outsource their IT to experienced professionals, so they are comfortable knowing that the risk of a recess is minimized.

However, if they experience downtime, their IT provider promptly gets their systems back up and running without data loss. The goal is to eliminate downtime and have a backup plan for a quick recovery in the event of downtime.

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