The SMB Cyber Security Checkup

At Parried, we understand that virtually every company will experience a security disaster at some point. That is why every facet of our IT services incorporates cyber security. Our team is passionate about providing all-encompassing threat management and network security plans, subsequently giving organizations and their employees peace of mind.

With that said, we have created an exhaustive SMB cyber security checklist, supplying employers with the necessary information to implement proper security practices. Staying on top of security breaches before they happen will save your business time and money and protect your employees.

Not only will this checklist help SMB’s (small and medium-sized businesses) place protective barriers between their company and cybercriminals, but it will ultimately guide them through navigating and avoiding losses.

Why is SMB cyber security awareness important?

Traditionally, large companies are the more desired targets for cyber threats such as phishing and data leakage. With that said, small businesses are far from immune to cybercriminals. In fact, hackers often view them as “easy marks.” This is because:

  1. Small companies usually have an insufficient IT security budget
  2. Hackers are more likely to attack an organization with limited defense capabilities
  3. Many small businesses do not have an in-house IT provider

Impact of poor SMB cyber security:

  1. Loss, damage, or compromise to personal data
  2. Loss of income 
  3. Customer loss and privacy lawsuits
  4. Risk of regulatory fines
  5. Damage to overall reputation

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