How to Plan The Perfect Cloud Strategy

Enterprise IT is embracing multi-cloud as the go-to model for cloud deployments. While this trend allows organizations more flexibility overall, it puts added pressure on IT to manage backup and recovery in a more complex environment. By leveraging single platforms for backup and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), IT can simplify management and ensure availability across every cloud and application.

As companies use more clouds, it becomes more challenging to manage backup and recovery. As far as multi-cloud is concerned, there’s no going back. So, moving forward, you need solutions that allow you to consolidate management of multi-cloud availability into a single platform.

Build Your Cloud Strategy With Our Detailed Guide

With the right solution, you can lower costs and reduce complexity by leveraging multiple service offerings, including cloud backup, DRaaS, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), and SaaS data protection. This will empower you to manage and ensure business continuity to multiple clouds from multiple clouds and within multiple clouds. By looking at these six steps, companies will learn to build, implement, and mature their cloud strategies.

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