Google Workspace VS. Microsoft 365

Microsoft and Google are competing to be your one-stop-shop for business productivity software. The two companies rule the market for enterprise productivity software. Their respective services are supported by a robust, highly reliable cloud infrastructure with data centers worldwide.

Despite the similarity in features, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace take distinctly different approaches regarding their cloud architecture and app design. When deciding between the two suites, the choice typically comes down to which approach best suits your business.

Which suite is best for my business?

This is a pervasive question amongst most small businesses in today’s day and age. Both of these suites have their merits, so how do you choose which one is right for your organization? 

On the surface, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace appear to be very similar. Both are a set of productivity tools that empower you and your team to perform everyday business tasks in the cloud. Both suites accommodate users across a range of devices and platforms.

You can use these tools for communication, collaboration, planning, virtual meetings, file creations, file management, and more. However, some key differences could make or break your business as you choose the right productivity suite for your needs.

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