The top 3 benefits of Instant IT Support

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What if overcoming your technology issues was only a phone call away?

Companies with a strong dependence on technology need the assurance that their technology is working correctly. Instant IT Support solves information technology challenges quickly with expert solutions. An instant support team at your fingertips cuts down on time spent focusing on technology problems and gives you the keys to overcome a problem the first time.

What does Instant IT Support cover?

The workforce is shifting towards remote work, so IT challenges will inevitably increase along with it. Whether your team is working onsite or remotely, some examples of Instant IT Support include, but are not limited to:

  • Hardware: if your company needs assistance diagnosing and repairing hardware, replacing parts, and upgrading components, the fix will be made promptly by an onsite or remote team.
  • Security:protecting IT systems from digital threats consist of the support team removing malware, installing prevention software, and adding spam and content filters to your devices.
  • Administration: hiring a new employee or purchasing a new computer should be a quick and seamless transition. This process is handled from beginning to end with Instant IT Support.
  • Data Solutions: an instant IT support team can help your company with disaster recovery and file restoration to get back on track.

It is essential for businesses that use technology daily to have the comfort of knowing their operations won’t go down if a computer system fails. Especially for companies that don’t have an internal IT department, the goal is to have an IT resource that is only one phone call away. Salesforce Research found that 65% of B2B buyers expect businesses to know their unique needs and expectations, which reveals a company’s experience and credibility. When businesses navigate uncharted territory, instant support teams are the lifelines for operating business technology.

Advantages to Your Company

So, your business is looking for an efficient way to solve IT challenges. How will this directly impact your business? How does this affect your business’s operational continuity and productivity yet cater to your specific needs? The main advantages of Instant IT Support are as follows:

1. Gain Insightful Solutions 

One benefit of Instant IT Support is resourcefulness. An experienced team gives suggestions to troubleshoot the issue and takes control to implement the solution quickly. Yet, this support extends beyond solving IT problems. For example, suppose your company has a new hire, and you’d like to prepare by setting up their computer for use. In that case, Instant IT Support provides immediate assistance to help your business onboard the new employee. Regardless of the support your business needs, Instant IT Support offers insightful advice and prompt solutions due to dealing with multiple IT challenges in the past.

2. Experience Increased Efficiency

Businesses with different daily workflows may experience interruptions when tackling information technology problems. If a problem arises, having the available service will provide peace of mind and maintain productivity within your company. It is crucial to minimize the risk of lost time because one department experiencing downtime may affect other departments. An accessible line of defense to get your company back up and running prevents the loss of time, money, and production.

Maintaining productivity levels also plays a role in reducing downtime. Whether you are waiting for a password reset, unable to access files, or losing a network connection, minimizing and preventing future downtime is essential. If your company happens to experience downtime but has an Instant IT Support team on the line, the cost of downtime reduces significantly.

3. Flexibility in service  

Another benefit of Instant IT Support is the flexibility of the services. As mentioned above, your business gains insightful advice from IT professionals, no matter the service. The solutions are customized for you, along with the type of support. Some companies prefer onsite support, whereas other companies value remote work. Not only are the solutions tailored to your company’s needs, but the method of overcoming the IT challenge is also geared towards your business.

How to Leverage Instant IT Support in Your Business

If you have a business running on technology, odds are you’ve experienced slowdowns in your work. Whether it’s downtime from a computer system failure or an incident of data loss, it’s in your company’s best interest to have solutions up your sleeve. At Parried, we offer Instant IT Support to place the focus back on business to solve IT challenges rapidly. Learn more about Instant IT Support and how our support team can help grow your business through a free IT Consultation.