Don’t wait until it’s too late – The Expert’s Guide to Cyber Security

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What is Cyber Security?

With the growing need for technology, keeping your data and information secure is more critical now than ever. Cyber Security is the practice of protecting systems and information from digital threats. This practice implements safety concerns in your business’s hardware, software, security processes, access, and training.

Types of Cyber Security Threats

Cyber security threats take on many forms, therefore making them difficult to trace. Some malicious threats to look out for include:

1. Phishing  

As the most common cyberattack, phishing sends fraudulent emails that mimic reputable companies. These emails aim to steal sensitive data and login information.

2. Malware 

Typically known as “malicious software,” Malware is software designed to disrupt computer systems through infection, damage, and unauthorized storage.

3. Ransomware 

Caused by downloading malicious content or attachments, ransomware is the act of blocking access to software or threatening the release of sensitive data in exchange for a payment.

4. Insider Threats 

Sensitive data and information put both internal and external parties at risk. Insider threats occur when someone close to the organization misuses their access to impact the organization negatively.

What Are the Benefits?

One leak in the system gives an external party access to your company’s data and information. According to IBM, the average cost of a cyberattack was $8.64 million in the United States and $3.86 million globally in 2020. There are many routes to protecting your digital assets. Still, regardless of the method, the benefits of cyber security will ensure your company is safe and will give you peace of mind. We’ll focus on the main advantages of cyber security and how they benefit companies that utilize technology daily.

1. Protects Your Business

A significant advantage to having cyber security is the protection of your business. Your business data contains sensitive information that could land you in hot water if breached. For example, big companies like T-Mobile are no strangers to cyber security threats. Due to a data breach exposing millions of customers, T-Mobile agreed to pay $350 million for the damages and will spend an extra $150 million on cyber security throughout 2023. Whether it’s an internal or external hacker attempting to get unauthorized access, this security measure will be at the forefront of safeguarding your networks and data. Your company will gain comprehensive digital protection to manage and monitor your firewall, user access, and backup data.

2. Enhances Productivity and Prevents Downtime 

Whether your business has one computer under attack or a hundred, someone will be out of work until the cyberattack is gone. Enabling an active monitoring system will pick up issues to prevent damage. Virtual security guards block out threats and suspicious behavior, making it unlikely that a digital threat can take hold of your company. Complete control of your data and computer systems will steer your company away from downtime. But the first cyber security steps include cyber awareness and strategies to combat attacks. This information will save you from missed opportunities due to a computer lockout, and you will have peace of mind knowing that your client’s information is protected correctly.

3. Allows Employees to Work Safely 

With COVID-19 shifting the workforce to be more remote, businesses rely more on technology. The increased number of workers from home has also increased the risks of data leaks and malware exposure. However, having cyber security in place will allow employees the peace of mind that their data and work are secured. Cyber awareness of common digital threats will enable employees to take the right actions if faced with a threat. Ultimately, with a managed cyber security service, employees can focus on their work rather than anticipate the next cyberattack.

Our Final Thoughts

Stopping digital threats before they arise is essential to the continuity of your business. It will ultimately protect the business assets, employees, and data that drive your business. Cyber security is a great option to address these concerns, but finding the correct solution to your IT challenge is crucial. Discovering cyber security concerns can be addressed through a free IT consultation with one of our professionals to address and resolve your security threats.