Category: Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Preventing Hospital EHR Downtime with Technology

Healthcare facilities have always been susceptible to IT outages. However, the increased adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) and other digital tools has increased the risk of downtime. In a study by Ponemon Institute, the average cost of downtime costs $7,900 per

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Preparing a technology business continuity plan for 2023

Before companies adopted technology, business leaders relied on business continuity plans (BCP) for natural disasters and potential threats. As businesses begin to incorporate more technology into their offices, the necessity of having a technology business continuity plan increases. As we

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Top 4 most common IT problems businesses face

It’s no secret that technology can be any business’ best helping hand. From small businesses to large corporations, there’s an abundance of technology helping us get through our workdays. As technology evolves, it’s essential to take a step back and

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The Business Owner’s Guide to Managed IT Services

We are often asked, “How would Managed IT Services help my business?” From customers, professionals of every industry, and people browsing along, this question is instinctive. Businesses are all racing to be at the top, but they often let their

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How Managed IT Services impact your business

Have you ever worked on an extensive project online, only to lose it all in a power outage? Imagine this outage happening at work. As a result, your entire company is now underwater. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable event that

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