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8 Top features of Windows 11

Are you aware of the launch of the newest version of Windows operating system since the last OS version of Windows 10? It caught Microsoft users by surprise. In 2015, Microsoft stated there would be no other versions. In contrast,

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The top 5 productivity apps your small business needs

The 5 Best Apps for Your Small Business As a small business owner, there’s a heavy reliance on mobile devices for routine upkeep and day-to-day communication with your team. Since there’s an overwhelming number of applications, it can be challenging

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Our break down of Slack vs. Microsoft Teams

Working from home has called for businesses to hone into their creative side and find newfound, efficient ways to communicate. Subsequently, companies across the board have turned to utilizing popular workspaces such as slack and Microsoft teams – both of

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Dashlane and password security

In the grand scheme of things, passwords are about security and confirming your identity, meaning anyone who gets ahold of your passwords could essentially impersonate you. That’s why it’s essential to use a strong and unique password for every website,

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