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The Business Owner’s Guide to Managed IT Services

We are often asked, “How would Managed IT Services help my business?” From customers, professionals of every industry, and people browsing along, this question is instinctive. Businesses are all racing to be at the top, but they often let their technology fall through the cracks. Managed IT Services are fully managed, outsourced IT support and

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A complete breakdown of Microsoft Azure for your SMB

After a long battle with local computing, businesses are taking off to the cloud. The cloud is an integral part of businesses and is also present in our personal lives. Students use cloud applications like Microsoft and Google for school, while companies use the cloud for collaboration and data backup. With that said, the possibilities

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It’s a race to the cloud – Why businesses are adopting cloud migration

The year 2022 is becoming one of the roaring years for IT spending. Businesses depend on technology now more than ever, which increases the demand for IT service providers. With these growing necessities, the rise of cloud migration is accelerating due to a new business and social dynamic. IT spending increased by 4.0% since 2021

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The top 3 benefits of Instant IT Support

What if overcoming your technology issues was only a phone call away? Companies with a strong dependence on technology need the assurance that their technology is working correctly. Instant IT Support solves information technology challenges quickly with expert solutions. An instant support team at your fingertips cuts down on time spent focusing on technology problems

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Don’t wait until it’s too late – The Expert’s Guide to Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security? With the growing need for technology, keeping your data and information secure is more critical now than ever. Cyber Security is the practice of protecting systems and information from digital threats. This practice implements safety concerns in your business’s hardware, software, security processes, access, and training. Types of Cyber Security Threats

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A business guide to IT Consulting

If your company hits a roadblock, growth is stagnant, and your technology starts to work against you, how would you fix it? It’s becoming more common for companies of all industries to turn towards IT consulting services. These services tell companies how to reach their business goals through information technology. IT consulting services are excellent

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How Managed IT Services impact your business

Have you ever worked on an extensive project online, only to lose it all in a power outage? Imagine this outage happening at work. As a result, your entire company is now underwater. Unfortunately, this is an inevitable event that often happens for small businesses, and 70% of these companies go out of business within

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What is outsourced IT support and why do you need it?

In today’s environment, running a business requires using a wide range of technologies. While such systems are critical to your operations, maintaining them in-house can be difficult, if not impossible. It’s time to consider outsourcing if managing your IT while building your business is becoming a hassle. Outsourced IT support has a lot of advantages. It could

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How to benefit from an email spam filter

With so much work to do and issues to face every day, the last thing businesses need to deal with is spam email. It’s surprising to find out that about 8.61 billion spam emails sent worldwide will come from the United States alone, according to Statista in 2021. China follows this with 8.53 billion and the Russian

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5 quick cyber security tips for online shopping

Shopping online is a convenient way to get what you want when you want. It’s also much less expensive than going to the store or mall. However, before making your purchase, you should be aware of some risks involved with shopping online. We’ll discuss how cyber security best practices can help keep your information safe

Windows 11 desktop graphic.

8 Top features of Windows 11

Are you aware of the launch of the newest version of Windows operating system since the last OS version of Windows 10? It caught Microsoft users by surprise. In 2015, Microsoft stated there would be no other versions. In contrast, both operating systems have the same functionality and new and more convenient features as Windows

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Your small business needs cyber insurance and here’s why

What Is Cyber Insurance? Cyber insurance policies allow businesses to gain recovery costs from cybersecurity attacks, breaches, and other similar events. These financial products are also known as “cyber liability insurance” or “cyber risk insurance.” Typically, the most critical aspect of cyber insurance is network security coverage. This type of coverage responds to network security