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A woman working remotely while traveling.

Best security practices for remote work while traveling

With the increase in hybrid and remote work during the holidays, companies face challenges concerning cyber security. Companies must address the risk of traveling while working from home as employees begin to scatter across the globe to be with their loved ones (WFH). Businesses are responsible for implementing cyber security so their employees can securely

A man using a MacBook in his office.

Cloud computing: A simple guide for small businesses

Businesses of all sizes, types and industries are becoming more accustomed to getting their IT resources delivered via the internet. Especially for organizations that have begun incorporating a remote or hybrid workforce, cloud computing has become a popular solution that encourages flexibility and increases efficiency. Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery and accessibility of IT

Employees using technology and learning about common IT problems from a screen.

Top 4 most common IT problems businesses face

It’s no secret that technology can be any business’ best helping hand. From small businesses to large corporations, there’s an abundance of technology helping us get through our workdays. As technology evolves, it’s essential to take a step back and fend off problems before they interrupt your business’s daily operations. As the great philosopher once

Woman smiling with phishing emails text.

Think before you click – phishing awareness training for businesses

One wrong click can cause a domino effect of security breaches and sabotaged systems for your business. As the most widespread cybercrime, phishing attacks are not new to companies. Cybercrime has risen over the past few years due to an increased dependency on technology and more companies implementing Work-From-Home policies. Even businesses with the most

Woman in Yellow Dress Shirt Using Computer

3 ways businesses thrive with IT help desks

Businesses are bound to hit a bump in the road when using technology. As much as technology helps us with streamlining workflows and automating everyday tasks, maintaining your IT health is something businesses often let slip through the cracks. Understanding IT help desk operations is critical when your technology isn’t working out the way you’d

Two photos of people working for a nonprofit.

What is IT support for non-profits and why do you need it?

Why do nonprofit organizations need IT support? As organizations that strengthen communities worldwide, non-profit organizations play vital roles in the social and economic well-being of the global and US economy. However, the reality is that not all organizations will reach or maintain success from creation. With the growing technology usage today, there are many options

Smiling man using laptop.

Preparing your business for the worst – Backup and disaster recovery

If your business experienced a disastrous event, how would you navigate moving forward? Backup and disaster recovery are essential components for business continuity. Data backup is the process of copying files and storing them in different locations, and disaster recovery is the overarching strategy to bounce back from catastrophe. A thorough backup and disaster recovery

Man working on laptop with cyber security text.

4 Cyber security solutions for businesses – our partnership with Sophos

In a world where small to medium-sized businesses fall victim to over 50% of cyber-attacks, business leaders must take action before it’s too late. Companies that lack proper IT security put everything on the line every single day. In the past week, major enterprises such as American Airlines and Uber reported they faced cyber security

Image of Dallas with a red overlay and Parried logo.

Dallas Managed IT Services – 5 features to look for in an MSP

No matter the size or industry of any business that uses technology, having smooth-running technology is the bread and butter of daily operations. A controlled IT environment is the backbone of companies that depend on technology daily, which drives collaboration and encourages productivity. But more often than not, technology is put on the back burner

Image of iPhone's new lockscreen on iOS 16.

iOS 16 for work – Apple’s key features to boost productivity

A week ago, Apple announced the new iPhone, Watch, and AirPod releases. Like other Apple fanatics, we’re waiting for the devices to drop in the coming days, except for the iPhone 14 Plus, which drops on October 7th. With the most recent hardware announcements, it was only logical also to release their newest software change.

Three students working with technology at a table with a gradient and blue gradient overlay.

Supporting education with technology – does your IT hit the mark?

As technology continues to evolve, education systems must learn to keep up. Over the past few years, educators have started to depend on technology more, but for all the right reasons. Teachers are incorporating digital technology into their lessons to accommodate various learning styles, encourage classroom participation, and improve collaboration. According to CompTIA, a leading