How Managed IT Services impact your business

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Have you ever worked on an extensive project online, only to lose it all in a power outage? Imagine this outage happening at work. As a result, your entire company is now underwater.

Unfortunately, this is an inevitable event that often happens for small businesses, and 70% of these companies go out of business within a year of a significant data loss incident. The reality is that in any company that uses technology, IT challenges are bound to show up. As a business owner, taking control of your IT systems is essential for your peace of mind.

Information technology is becoming more critical as businesses begin to store their data in the cloud and adopt digital technologies. It is essential to understand what Managed IT Services are and who they are for, the benefits of streamlining your business needs, and what you can expect from an experienced service provider.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services are tasks a third-party organization handles to monitor a customer’s network, application, infrastructure, and security. As a small to medium-sized business that relies on technology, outsourcing your IT challenges improves efficiency, security, and productivity. Anyone interested in their IT systems running smoothly is a great candidate for Managed IT Services, especially individuals or companies who lack IT support systems and need operational continuity.

What are the Benefits of Managed IT Services?

Three primary benefits of Managed IT Services are saving time and money, increased productivity, and less downtime.

1. Time and Money

Many small to medium-sized businesses work with managed service providers because hiring an internal IT team is too expensive to consider. Instead, paying a fixed monthly fee for an outsourced IT department is more affordable. Building a team of IT professionals calls for extensive training that takes away from time used on business operations.

To put it into perspective, IT costs decrease by 25-45% when a company uses managed IT services, as shown in a report by Research and Markets in 2022. Hiring an experienced managed service provider (MSP) will drive revenue growth by lowering costs and save time by providing ongoing customer support that is one phone call away. Yet, there are more benefits to MITS than saving money.

2. Productivity 

Relying on an outsourced IT team increases productivity because employees may focus on their work. For example, outsourced departments take care of meeting companies’ PCI compliance standards, according to ConnectWise. This makes it easy for the company to focus on its business rather than IT challenges.

Your team’s productivity level will decrease if your network goes down on a typical workday. Constant monitoring allows your company to focus on the same goals with fewer IT issues. And if a problem arises, managed service providers will fix it correctly the first time around. This allows for productivity in the long-term, and it strays away from the “break-fix” method. Managed IT Services will prevent the problem before it arises, rather than putting a bandage on every issue.

3. Downtime 

Managed IT Services solve disruptions quickly and increase productivity. These professionals help employees adopt new cloud technologies to ensure their systems are up to date. Additionally, having a one-stop shop for all your IT challenges allows for streamlined procedures. According to ConnectWise, outsourced departments focus on meeting companies’ PCI compliance standards.

Because many Managed Service Providers have constant monitoring, they quickly find systems and network issues occurring at night or during holidays. IT technicians will review and fix the problems as soon as they receive an alert. That way, there are no disruptions both on and off the clock.

Many companies flock to MSPs to prevent expensive downtime. According to Carbonite, people and system failures cause about 75-80% of downtimes. Moreover, if a small to medium-sized business is out for one hour, the average cost is $427 per minute or $25,620 per hour. Downtime prevention relies on an external team of professionals and is an excellent precaution for companies.

What Should I Look for in a Managed Service Provider?

When searching for a Managed Service Provider, there are a few key factors to consider. Different companies have different focuses. Some companies focus on consulting, network services, and cloud infrastructure, while others may focus on cybersecurity, emerging technologies, and database management. It is essential to review the IT services and solutions provided when searching for a Managed Service Provider, along with the provider’s support features and scheduled availability, costs, and supported platforms. Be on the lookout for companies with a proven track record to ensure credibility.

Not Sure Where to Start?

From saving time and money to increasing productivity by taking preventative measures, small and medium-sized businesses need Managed IT Services to create and maintain a strong IT foundation for your company. If management, monitoring, and maintenance are concerns for you, the best way to begin protecting your assets is by discovering your company’s IT challenges and solutions.

At Parried, we work with businesses of all sizes that rely on technology in their everyday operations. We offer strategic business guidance and comprehensive IT insight to simplify the step-by-step process. Scheduling a free IT consultation with Parried can help you begin your guided journey and grow your business.